Fred is a new customer relationship platform which is the only actual focus of a new Brazilian startup with the same name. It started as a WhatsApp bot which went viral in Brazil and then eventually evolved as this standalone platform – Fred has nothing to do with WhatsApp anymore.

We are 4 co-founders of distinct areas. Fred is well funded. Since we are still in development we are completely focused on the product, for that reason we would like to apologize for not having a website with everything about Fred yet. But basically:

Fred is a chat platform.

Fred is a micro-applications and micro-services platform embedded into chats.

Fred is a build it yourself messaging bot platform.

Fred is a text center, the call center 2.0.

Fred is a payment platform.

And you can have all of them a single conversation. Fred’s mission is to provide any kind of customer — company — brand relationship in a single platform. Yes, everything that WeChat can do, plus messaging bots, payments and documents. The platform of the platforms. The app of the apps.

The beginning of the end of most apps and sites. But mostly important, the beginning of the end of the call center. Period.

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